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Our food is made fresh everyday, this is just one of the ways we strive to provide our customers with the best delivery experience possible. It is our commitment at Hing Dragon to provide excellent food, service and an experience for you and your family to enjoy for many years to come.

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king prawn, beef, chicken and roast pork

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  • Very late delivery. Food full of MSG.


  • Order took over an hour and 40 minutes to arrive. No apology it was late. Unlikely to order from here again. Very stingy with vinegar dip for pork dumplings.


  • Really pleased with food and speed of delivery


  • ordered food nearly 2 hours ago and still no delivery. Called the takeaway to ask how long, was 5 mins into call before a vague apology then they hung up on me while I was on hold for an update. I appreciate that they can be busy but pointless and good customer service should be a priority.


  • I don't normally leave reviews but I have just had to put £15 worth of food in the bin. The siu mai tasted off (and had black bits on it?!) the prawn dumplings were tasteless and the wonton soup was inedible. The only redemption being one pork bun but unfortunately the other was undercooked and all soppy at the bottom. I normally eat ANYTHING and am not fussy so this was really disappointing. The order was also over 30 mins late which I could have overlooked had the food been good. How hard can it be to get frozen dumplings right?


  • will only ever use this place in south London


  • it comes to quickly to believe its good quality. literally 20 mins. it’s worryingly fast. I also asked for it 40 mins after it arrived, good thing my husband was in but I was dog walking. the food is ok, but standard Chinese. when you get a takeaway you want to feel treated and unfortunately this does not deliver this feeling as the food is standard.


  • I ordered curry with a side of rice not rice with a side of curry... over 3/4 of the container was rice! (all wonderful except I cant eat that much rice),Plus the rice was burnt (dark brown and nasty) and tasted so (maybe a good time to wash your wok mate). When it arrived all the curry sauce was in the bottom of the bag and the container split open, 1/2 of the food was wasted. Now we get to the chicken balls, they were greasy and tasted funny (even the cat wouldn't eat em!). The ribs were rather chewy (in a bad way), you guys seriously need to get the old chef back as your not cutting it.


  • Delicious


  • Gooddddddddd


  • All the foods have been good


  • Always reliable. Good service


  • Good foods and good price




  • Amazing food,nice service, thanks